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Service Center. . Bombard Explorer 490 DB Replacement.

Our shop is five minutes north of Tacoma and 25 minutes South of Seattle.

Compare. Visit out Showroom for the latest AB, Avon, Zodiac, and Highfield boat models. We not only service our own brand of Highfield inflatable tenders and RIB’s,.

3. Jun 28, 2021 · However, like all boats, they have certain problems that may arise.

Boat service, repair & winterization.

2021 Zodiac Medline.

First, we need to understand the material we are dealing with! 1. class=" fc-falcon">Cumberland Marine Repair, LLC.

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Call (610) 952-2145 or use our contact.
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From minimal repairs total restorations, you can depend on us to give you professional service that you and your boat deserve.

. DinghyPro , based in Essex CT, offers all levels of repairs on inflatable boats from slow leaks to larger scale damage. Jalan Pantai Indah Selatan.

. . . Getting punctures or leaks. .

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Welding of seams failing at the hull and stern.


We are capable of handling all outfitters and private boater repairs.

For PVC, de-grease and prepare the fabric before gluing.

First, we need to understand the material we are dealing with! 1.